Financial Assistance

Apr 27, 2012 From: matakagi@g...

Hello, How are you doing today? I know this might be a surprise to you
but am sorry to reach out to you in this manner. I apologize for not
informing you about my travel to Scotland for a Meeting.

Everything is going fine but there's a little problem, I misplaced my
wallet on my way back to the hotel and right now all my credit cards
and money are gone. Am sending you this message to inform you that am
stranded at the moment and need your help financially. Am not sure if
you have that much but will you be able to help me with a loan of 1600
British Pounds to pay the hotel bills and get back home?

I will appreciate whatever amount you can afford to help me with and
am sorry for the inconvenience this message might cause you but please
understand that am in a very bad situation right now and would
appreciate if you could help me out. I will email you the transfer
details upon your reply.

Thank you in advance.

TAKAGI Masahiro

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