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Date:    Sun, 25 Jun 2006 19:24:23 +0530
Subject: New wiki research mailing list

Hello everyone,

at http://www.wikisym.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/wiki-research
please find a new mailing list dedicated to wiki research and
practice. This list is open to any science and any technology as it
relates to wikis, so it is not constrained to any particular view,
wiki engine, or community.

I created this list because I kept getting emails asking me all kinds
of things about wiki research. I'm happy to answer but felt a larger
community would be much better suited in doing so.

The big question on the mind of most researchers these days seems to
be how to get wiki research funded. For us the world may seem full of
wikis, but maybe your advisor, manager, or grant proposal reviewer
doesn't really believe you. So I'll start the list with my comments
on that topic (once the list has some subscribers), hoping for
everyone to chime in.

My best wishes to everyone, and I'm hoping to see you at WikiSym 2006!


PS: You are receiving this email because you were involved with the
Wiki Symposium one way or another. (Or I thought this is related to
your line of work.) I apologize if you get multiple copies, as I
culled these addresses from different databases.

Dirk Riehle, ph: +49 172 184 8755, web: http://www.riehle.org
Interested in wiki research? Please see http://www.wikisym.org !

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